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Woyski Works’ Wealth of Wisdom – Photography Resources

stack of photography books

or, this is a page of resources! I mentioned I love alliteration, right? This is another dynamic page and I’ll add resources as I think of them.

Sunrise Sunset

Need to know when to be where?  Taking advantage of the good light means knowing when the sun rises and sets. I like this site because it offers more than just sun rise and set times.  You can also find out when civil and nautical twilight occur, when the moon rises and sets and the phases of the moon.  You can print a calendar or just look it up.  It’s also mobile friendly in a variety of ways.  Check it out!


Depth of field can sometimes be challenging, but DOFMaster has all the tools you need.  Again, you can opt for a mobile version or create your own charts and tools and carry them with you.  I use the hyperfocal distance charts a lot, and since cell phone coverage isn’t a given everywhere I go, having printed charts save a lot of trial and error.


My favorite resource for researching photography equipment is B&H Photo and Video. B&H is an on-line store as well as a brick and mortar store in NYC.  Their website is a fabulous resource for checking out the latest gear and equipment, reading reviews and comparing similar items.  In addition, their specifications sections are chock full of information so if you want a full comparison of, say, two camera bodies, you can get the full list of specs on both and do a point-by-point comparison.


Another fabulous resource for gear reviews, buying guides and the latest news on all things photography is Digital Photograph Review, aka DPreview. They also have forums, galleries and challenges, so if you really want to up your photo game, you can learn from other photographers and participate in the challenges.

Fred Miranda

Fred Miranda is similar to dpreview; it has forums, reviews, challenges/contests and a buy/sell section.  When you’re learning photography, one of the best things you can do for yourself is study the work of other photographers.  It doesn’t matter what skill level you’re studying; if you can look at a photo and identify what you like and what you don’t or what you might have done differently, you’re learning.  Other people’s photos can be a tremendous source of inspiration.

Luminous Landscape

Luminous Landscape is another favorite.  I’m adding it to the list, but it is not free.  They now charge $1/month for membership, but if you want some top-notch articles, reviews, technical information and active forums, you’ll find it is worth every penny. is an incredible resource for software and web development, photography, business and design.  You can get a free 30-day trial and then it is $35/month.  If you want to learn Photoshop, Lightroom or other Adobe products, or learn how to create a website or a WordPress blog, this is the place.  There are over 6,000 on-line courses to help you improve or learn new skills. All of the learning is at your preferred time and at your own pace.  The courses are provided as videos, so you can start and pause them at any time.

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