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I’m a native Californian, born and raised in SoCal. I grew up with a lot of sunshine, oranges and strawberries, summers on the beach and camping in the forests. My dad was a photographer with a home darkroom, and I loved helping because I loved the chemical aromas. I also like the aroma of gasoline, so there’s that.

As a former chemist, I played with proteins, genes and other fancy molecules while simultaneously playing with old film cameras. One thing led to another; I was hired to photograph a couple and their event, and it wasn’t long before I was taking more photos than making molecular soups. You could say I’m a mad scientist who traded test tubes for camera lenses.

My true love is black and white photography. Taking a cue from my love affair with Film Noir, my work is often high contrast and explores the interplay of light and shadow and how they reveal the beauty and depth of everyday life.

Denice Loria Woyski

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