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Testimonials for Private and personalized photography lessons!

I have taught photography at The Drawing Board, School of Abstraction – an art studio/school in Orange County and at the North Orange County Community College District School of Continuing Education; Intermediate Photography Class.  In a group setting, my classes focus on basic and creative exposure and how to apply basic elements of design, color and composition into your photography.  Testimonials from my students/clients are below.


What my students and clients are saying:

“Denice, you seem to have learned how to frame scenes to enhance maximum viewing pleasure…I am in awe of the framed picture you brought on the last night. I also can’t thank you enough for the exposure series. INVALUABLE!!  I am totally off the green box and loving it. Thank you!” –Geri


“Thanks for all of the work you did for the class. It was great. See you next year.” –Beth


“Denice, you have a gift. Your photo presentation in class the other night transported me to Italy. The only part the experience that wasn’t there was the taste of the spaghetti. Not all of us have ability such as yours.  Your art though is an inspiration and an example of what can be done by one of our own. Yours are not photos in a book or magazine. They are real. We have seen you in action, at the same locations as us, make art work out of the ordinary. I stand ready to continue exploring and learning.  “–Jim


“Denice, You have an eye that sees a scene and you just seem to know how close to zoom or how far to zoom out. How much DOF to use to tell a story and how much of the story to tell. What shadows are good to leave dark and what highlights are ok to blow out. When to use the rule of thirds and when to bend and break the rule. What makes an image a photograph instead of a snapshot. Denice, you went to Italy and returned with art… I spent 10 days in China and got a crap-load of snapshots. I am looking forward to our next class.”–Robert


“I can’t believe how talented and skillful you are. The composition, lighting and your eye for good photos is undeniably speechless.”–KiriLynn


“Denice is a wonderful teacher. She taught at my school for a photography workshop.  Students were so please to learn so much in such a short time.  Students were inspired and motivated by the instruction and her knowledge.  Denice is responsible, talented and such a wonderful photography mentor for those privileged to work with her.” –Jamie Kough, Owner/Director of The Drawing Board

“I took a class taught by Denice Woyski.  Denice knows her way around a camera, and she taught me how to use my camera without ever (never!) using full auto mode.  She knows things.  She knows how light works, she knows how things will look in a photo before taking the photo.  Denice has the passion and artistry and definitely the skills. The best part about taking a class from Denice was that she shared her passion and her knowledge, and she was able to teach me and inspire me in ways that I could understand.  I gained a lot of confidence in my own skills and abilities, and I had a lot of fun at the same time.  I highly recommend Denice as a teacher, and I hope you love her class as much as I did.” — Jeff P.

“I had the pleasure of taking photography lessons from Denice Woyski. She made it incredible easy to understand and learn. I started out with a little Canon Rebel and she helped run me through everything: what all the different functions on the camera mean, how to line up a shot, as well as what everything meant! It was extremely pleasant and an absolute joy. I’m not a very technical person, I’m barely an artsy person, and she helped me get the basic understanding of how the light works with the camera to create shots. The biggest advantage of the lessons I got were a solid foundation for furthering my photography even though I’m not a professional and never intended to be, if you’re interested in photography of any sort, from casual to professional, her lessons are an amazing place to start!!!” –Kyle


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