Welcome to my photo essays of adventure and exploration.  I like to do a lot of stuff, and when I do a lot of stuff I like to take a lot photos to document it. Doing stuff, especially new stuff, invariably leads to questions that demand answers.  This blog is all about the answers to my questions, peppered with photos and helpful tips.   It’s a rather eclectic mix of adventures and exploration, from learning to make my own baguettes to travel in foreign lands.

Helpful tips?  Sure.  I figure if I’ve figured out something useful, I can pass it on.  Also, I’m a pretty good photographer, so look for helpful photography tips too!

You keep mentioning Paris.  What’s that about?  I was fortunate to live in Paris for about 9 months, and while I was there, I started a blog to share my adventures with family and friends.  If you want to read about and see photos from my Paris experience, check out the Paris blog.

I also have a website that is dedicated to a portfolio of my favorite photographs.  Check it out.  Enjoy!