about me.


I am Denice Woyski, a pro-turned-hobbyist photographer. I know, I know, that’s backwards.

The short version is that I got a camera, stuff happened, I photographed a wedding, more stuff happened, I had a successful wedding and portrait photography business for over 8 years, even more stuff happened, and now I’m back to photographing for fun.

I’m a California native.

I was born in Hollywood. Hooray for Hollywood!

I lived in Orange County for most of my life. I do not call it The OC.

I live near Yosemite National Park. I have visited the park more times than I can count, yet every time I go, it takes my breath away.

I climbed Half Dome. I’m afraid of heights.

I love to travel and have been to 11 European countries, England, China, Russia, Mexico, and Canada. In the grand scheme, that’s a pittance.

I have been to 38 states in the US. My criteria for having been to a state is eating and/or sleeping there. I’m not sure how one could sleep in a state without eating there, but it could happen.

I’m a National Park aficionado. I JUST got my NP Passport at the end of 2016.  I need to retrace some steps.

I’m a chemist. I no longer work as a chemist, but it is impossible to stop thinking at the molecular level.

I love to cook. I think chemistry and cooking are practically the same thing.

I like logic puzzles and sudoku; the harder, the better

I love alliteration and made up words. I am not a fan of adding made up words to the dictionary.

There is very little that someone can say to me that doesn’t remind me of a commercial or song.  I will spontaneously start singing.  Sorry about that.

I like people and I have been known to strike up conversations with random strangers.  I figure if we’ve been standing next to each other in a line for more than 5 minutes, then we’re practically neighbors.  I believe in being neighborly.

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